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Role of Technology in Marketing

The advent of technology has revolutionized the competitive landscape of business. It has become imperative for organizations to use technology so that they stay ahead of their competitors in the race. Now the primary query that comes to the mind is how big is the role of technology in marketing   and which processes would need it the most.

Technology, in itself, has undergone humongous change and it has become a key factor to gain success. The most visible effect of Technology is In Sales management where technology has made information availability more easy and less time-consuming. CRMs have become an absolute necessity and lead prospecting has become quite hassle-free thanks to the huge role of technology in marketing. Big Data allows you to find those key insights that help companies find out the current trend and what the future would be like. With a multitude of Social Listening techniques, Technology in Marketing is creating unprecedented impacts. You are aware what your user wants and accordingly you can shape your strategy. Moreover, with the aid of robust technology in marketing analytics, you can uncover the dark areas that you had missed out earlier. Technology can even help you to carry out Geo-specific marketing activities that will allow you to cater to a specific set of audience whose need can be satisfied exclusively by you.

It is a well-known fact that the advancement in telecommunication and mobile technology has opened up more avenues. This has also inspired changes in the domain of marketing, making it more technically oriented. With an average adult’s phone being only an arm’s distance away, every bit of information you want to deliver would be easy to deliver. People-based research has taken the driver’s seat and in this case also the role of technology in marketing has come to the forefront. With internet marketing undergoing unparalleled improvement, the role of technology in marketing has become quintessential.

With a majority of the big companies opting to have a chief marketing technologist, the role of technology is getting more and more dominant in marketing. The marketers of next generation need to arm themselves with the latest technology; else if they choose to ignore the role of technology in marketing, they may as well brace themselves to face the ignominy of losing business.