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Real Time Marketing

A lot of buzz has been created around Real Time Marketing and what more; it has become an inevitable part of marketing strategy. The view about the approach is quite diverse; a few marketing pundits hailing the idea, while some others are not quite convinced about its impact. Whatever may be the case; we will try and enlighten our readers with the concept and draw up a few instances on how the companies have cashed on the concept called Real Time Marketing.

Real Time Marketing is marketing instantaneously to reach out to a target audience across different platforms and the campaign is tailor-made to suit the occasion in which it is pitched. Oreo tried it during the blackout of Superbowl and the campaign scaled new heights of popularity.  But at the same time, their Royal baby tweet failed horrendously. It is not necessary that every event needs to be cashed in. When American Apparel tried out the Hurricane Sandy sale right after the Hurricane Sandy devastated the entire nation, the plan backfired. Their sentiment score scorched down from 67 to 7. Mini Cooper cashed on the Horse Meat scandal and people responded with nearly five and half thousand tweets.  But what is the infallible formula? Well, no one has figured that out for Real-Time Marketing.

Real Time Marketing has held marketers in awe. But, the secrets to success are yet to be unearthed. We are providing a few healthy tips, which you can try out to make your campaign a success:

  1. Be clear about your Target and Objectives: Be sure of your target audience and work out what message you want to deliver. The message should resonate with the audience’s outlook and should convey what exactly you wish to deliver. If you fail to connect with the proper message, your campaign is likely to backfire.
  2. Real Time Marketing is not just giving opinion on current events: It is not about what you are feeling about an event; but it is about how you align your brand with the event. If your brand’s image doesn’t align well, don’t go for Real Time Marketing.
  3. Identify the longevity of the trend: If the trend is likely to get over in a few hours, it is better not to invest in it. Look out for trends that are going to last for a longer period so that you can build your brand over a period of time.
  4. Plan Ahead: You can’t plan real-time content, but you can put yourself and your team in the best position to react quickly to opportunistic situations. This means having the people and policies in place to allow for creativity, taking calculated risks, production or design and publishing all in rapid succession. This is a challenge for brands, yet the potential payoff is huge.

We don’t argue that all these factors are going to guarantee you a runaway success in Real Time Marketing. But it will certainly help you in formulating the right plan. Once you work out that magic formula, Real Time Marketing is going to give you a lucrative ROI.