Reliable and helpful information is often difficult to gain in cyberspace. The place is crowded and the search for necessary content is time-constrained. The cacophony of content sometimes leaves the seeker blind. As such, seeking quality content is like searching for a needle in haystack. Content Strategists and Marketers have often wrecked their grey cells to deliver quality content to the Target Group and also have been awarded fair amount of success. But the goal is not only to make people listen; it should be good enough to increase the bottom line of the company. Now how is one going to achieve that?

The nexus between Content marketing and ROI has always been a masked one. The million dollar question is it possible to link up ROI with Content Marketing results? The answer is ‘YES’ although some might take it with a pinch of salt. Now the obvious query is how one achieves ROI with the aid of content. To pinpoint the way, I will first explain the three direct outcomes of valuable content marketing.

  • Lead Generation: A focused content marketing effort will help in reaching out to Target Group and in the end may lead prospective clients to your door. It is not necessary that the flood of inbound queries are sales ready, yet they can be good enough to form prospective clients in near future or better still you might attract an investor or a partner in the process. If none of the aforesaid transforms into reality, you might still end up in engaging yourself with a community which might bear fruit in the long run.
  • Thought Leadership: Being labeled as a pioneer in your domain of expertise can be quite helpful for your business. You may become the yardstick of excellence and recognized as a knowledge hub. Whitepapers, Analysis, Case Studies et al are excellent tools to showcase your thought leadership. “Reputation Building” will be the icing on the cake.
  • Brand Building: Better content results in better traffic, better reach and better perception of the brand. A healthy share-of-heart and share-of-mind would undoubtedly enhance your brand value. Continuous engagement will make you a ‘responsive’ brand and a loyal set of followers would certainly amplify your reputation. One should always remember the fact that Story Telling along with an effective Content Strategy gives you that infallible mantra of Brand Building.

The three direct outcomes of an effective content marketing program would thus help in building your brand and draw prospects for you. Once the brand is established and there is a steady flow of queries streaming in, half the battle for revenue generation is won. After all, it is much easier to bag an interested prospect than to win over an impassive one. Therefore, I would safely conclude that Content Marketing, though not directly related, is instrumental in yielding returns to the company.